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Expert Title Services Of Indiana

A full service financial company devoted to bring businesses and clients complete peace of mind.

Core Services


  • Integrity is the foundation of our practice. We believe integrity is what makes great professionals, and we don’t take this lightly. At Expert Title Services, everything we put our name on is a reflection of our integrity. We believe this to be key when managing finances. We advise all of our clients upfront of our commitment to not engage in any kind of fraud.


  • This is the key to the way we treat our people. We believe that treating people fairly does not mean treating everyone the same. It means taking the time to understand each employee’s specific situation and needs, and giving each person an equal chance to succeed not only professionally, but also in each and every one of their communities.

Social responsibility

  • Social responsibility takes our caring outside the firm. We believe it’s our individual and collective responsibility to care about our communities. Our community involvement includes firm investment and individual commitments of time and energy by employees at every level, including group activities such as our annual fundraiser and the Corporate Run.

Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced Accounting

If spending more of your limited resources on in-house accounting staff, struggling through piles of paper to figure out which customers haven't paid you, and update elaborate spreadsheets to project next week's cash flow doesn't sound very appealing, we understand. But you can't run a business without paying your bills, collecting from customers and managing your payroll.


Law Firm Advisory

Law Firm Advisory

Can you ignore the threats to your own law firm?
You can't afford to sit on the sidelines. You must be alert to the new realities, and make sure you're in the game. Threats grow every day. Cybercriminals find new ways to tap into your "secure" network. State bar associations are examining firms' compliance. Resistance to change is natural, but it can also be very dangerous.